With great sadness I write this page. My father died surrounded by his people and without suffering. His grandson Sebastian held his hand during the last hours. Ramon, during his life he put me a very high goals, he was a great professional but above all he was a wonderful person, with a big heart and he is remembered for his friendly nature and kindly character.

    Since Ramon died we received condolences from many people. In the morgue of the M30 we received several friends of the Association of San Jorge of Madrid, Prometeo Poetry Association, Ramon's fellows of the Simancas Institute, all our neighbors and friends from Madrid and even form Valencia, who came expressly.

    According to his wishes, Ramon was incinerated in Madrid and moved his ashes to his hometown of Alcoy. In Alcoy, on January 2, 2012, he was honored at City Hall. My family greatly wholeheartedly appreciates all the received token of affection, the beautiful and endearing words of the Mayor of Alcoy Toni Francés and also by our friend Antonio Castelló, and the presence of all who attended there. Then there was a Mass at the Church of the Salesianos where are the murals of Castañer. Also attended by the authorities, family and friends of Alcoy, Valencia and Barcelona.


    In Alcoy declared three days of mourning and flags flew at half mast. A large number of media and institutions echoed the news of the death of Ramon Castañer:

    The emotional tribute at City Hall of the day January 2, 2012 and the subsequent mass the Salesians were also reflected in the media. The Ciudad de Alcoy newspaper complements these news wiht three soulful articles of Juan Javier Gisbert Cortes, Jorge Sedano Delgado and Juan Ramon Juan Sanchis (godson of Pepa and Ramon).  Ciudad 03-01-2012




Some news also appeared in

    On 4 February, the Agres village wanted also to give tribute to Ramon Castañer, where he ans his wife, Pepa Botella, were named Adoptive sons. Ramon and Pepa always worked in the cultural and artistic events of Agres, and the beauty of this village was an inexhaustible source of inspiration for paintings of Ramon.
   In the Plenary Hall of the Agres City Council was held tribute to the painter and some beautifull words were pronuonced by the President of the Housewives' Association, by the President of l'Aparicio de la Mare de Déu and by the President of the Filà dels pastorets. All of them praised the Castañer works and his experiences in Agres.
   To close the ceremony, the Mayor Jose Manuel Francés said some moving words about Ramon and he announced that the in City Council was decided that a street will take the name of Ramon Castañer. All my family, and especially my mother, got emotional. We truly appreciate the performance of a tribute so full of feeling and we thank all the people of Agres. The Ciudad newspaper Ciudad 02-02-2012 and Información de Alicante reflected this event.




    On 22 March, the Association of St. George celebrated a Mass in the Church San Jorge in Alcoy in memory of Ramon Castañer who was Honorary Mayoral from 1989 to 2011, the date of his death. The Association gave the family a medal and insignia corresponding his honorary condition. The family fervently appreciates the detail that the Association has had with Ramon Castañer.