(30-12-2011) The painter Ramon Castañer died in Madrid. He received tributes by the City Council of Alcoy, by the City Council of Agres and by the San Jorge Association. See

    (27-08-2011) Recently, the new mayor of Alcoy, Toni Francés, visited Ramon Castañer in Agres (see).  From the Ciudad de Alcoy newspaper, Antonio Castelló (see) and Ramón Climent (see), give their support to and appreciation for Ramón Castañer who is going through some difficult moments with his health.

    (30-07-2008) The Mayor of Alcoy Jorge Sedano presented the artist Ramón Castañer with the Gold Medal of Alcoy for the merits achieved throughout his artistic career. Those, who are familiar with Ramón, know how proud and honoured he feels for this distinguished award that was presented with the consensus of all the political parties in the council as well as many private and state institutions who wanted to be part of this nomination.

    (22-03-2007) A biographical book about the painter was presented at Llorens bookshop in Alcoy named "Autorretrato con Paisaje, Ramón Castañer", the author is Pepa Botella, the artist's wife. The book has 17 chapters and a collection of comments and news about the painter.

   We reproduce Pepa de Castañer words which are on the back cover book "Autoretrato con Paisaje, Ramón Castañer":

Through the stories that Ramon has told me of his life, I discovered the miracle of a prodigious memory capable of projecting people, events, worlds, shapes and colors as if on a large-screen cinema.

Ramon Castañer is an artist and when he narrates he uses as the charcoal drawing or the paint brush as if they were words.

I have used a literary style that enables the reader to assimilate the artist's life along with that of an an extraordinary human being.

In some of his memories the truth is tough but genuine, sincere and always presented without any changes.

In the early years of his life, the city of Alcoy, his birthplace, serves as his background, then the landscape changes to Valencia and Madrid.

Chapters begin with a poetic reference to the contents of each stage, from childhood to present day.

Obviously, as a biography of the painter, several reproductions of his work and a collection of articles and presentations by the media are included in the book.

    I would really like to say here that Pepa is and has been for me an exceptional mother and an admirable woman. She has always been closely involved poetry and is a great lover of literature.

    In the Las Provincias de Valencia newspaper, Maria Angeles Arazo writes an article titled "Forja humana de un pintor", in which she expresses some endearing feelings about the biography of the painter, in relation to him as a person and his loved ones. See

    Josep Lluis Seguí published an article in the Ciudad de Alcoy newspaper. See


      At present Ramon, although he has serious health problems, Ramón shows a tremendous mettle and also he continues painting keenly. Painting relaxes him because it is part of his life. These are some of his most recent paintings.

Puesta Sol

Puesta de Sol (Caseta Don Facundo)

Misterio de la Rosa

Misterio de la rosa

Las Brañas

Las Brañas (Asturias)



Puesta Sol

 Puesta de Sol (Agres)

Otoño Retiro

Otoño en el Retiro

Río de la Verona

 Río de la Verona (Venecia)

Ribera de curtidores

 Ribera de curtidores (Madrid)

San Simeón Píccolo

 San Simeón Píccolo (Venecia)

L'abuela dels dentons

  L'abuela dels dentons (Serie Mariola)

Primera jordana

 Primera jordana (Serie Mariola)

A pleno Sol

  A pleno Sol (Serie Mariola)

Caseta Don Facundo en boira

  Caseta Don Facundo en boira (Serie Mariola)

Hojas secas

 Hojas secas (Retiro)

Amanecer en Ribadeo

 Amanecer en Ribadeo (Galicia)

Barcas al Sol

  Barcas al Sol (Galicia)

El carro de Barchell

 El carro de Barchell (Alcoy)

Plegando redes

 Plegando redes (Galicia)

Puente del Rialto

  Puente del Rialto (Venecia)

Carrer Sant Roc

 Carrer Sant Roc (Alcoy)

Boulevard Saint Michel

 Boulevard Saint Michel (Paris)

Las sombras del limonero

  Las sombras del limonero (Agres)

La tardor en el Cantalar

  La tardor en el Cantalar (Serie Mariola)

Camí del poble

  Camí del poble (Serie Mariola)

Camí de la Mola

  Camí de la Mola (Serie Mariola)

Silenci del bosc

  Silenci del bosc (Serie Mariola)

L'ombra dels pins

  L'ombra dels pins (Serie Mariola)

D'alt del Cantalar

  D'alt del Cantalar (Serie Mariola)

Sol de vespra

  Sol de vespra (Serie Mariola)

Neu en la Mariola

  Neu en la Mariola (Serie Mariola)

La mujer de Lot

  La mujer de Lot (relieve en sal)

La mujer de Lot (perfil)

  La mujer de Lot (perfil)

La góndola varada

  La góndola varada (Venecia)

Carrasques de la Mola

  Carrasques de la Mola (Serie Mariola)

Olivera de l'abuela dels dentons

  Olivera de l'abuela dels dentons (Serie Mariola)

Peñes del Anficoset

  Peñes del Anficoset (Serie Mariola)

Xiprers del Convent

  Xiprers del Convent (Serie Mariola)

Xiprers de la 1ª jordana

  Xiprers de la 1ª jordana (Serie Mariola)

El Pla del Convent

  El Pla del Convent (Serie Mariola)

Puente de los Suspiros

  Puente de los Suspiros (Venecia)


    (19-11-2007) We are pleased with the articles about the painter Castañer that were published Ciudad de Alcoy newspaper articles written by Ramon Climent, Rafael Coloma (article from 1957), Antonio Castelló, Adrian Espí and Adrian Miró. (See). These articles are reproducen with permission of Ciudad de Alcoy newspaper.

    (24-09-2007) Ciudad de Alcoy newspaper published an Adrían Espí article named "La Romería de las Romerías" on the occasion of Alcoy patronal fiestas, the Lirios Virgin. In this article Adrián describes how the painter Castañer has made several pictorical interpretations about these rural religious topics (See). On December 9, 2007 the Ciumenge Sunday suplemment of Ciudad newspaper, published another Adrían Espí article named "de Verde y Oro". Adrián, who is very knowledgeable about Castañer pictorical career, writes about Tauromachy, a collection of nib draws which Castañer gave to the Alcoy Bullfighting Club, or about the canvas "Torerillo en Triana" inspired by a Gerardo Diego poem, and he ends with a story about Andrés Coloma, a bullfighter called "Clásico", who Ramón Castañer painted in guache to illustrate a poetic research dedicated to the bullfighter and written by Pepa Botella (See).

    This website about Ramón Castañer the artist has been completed in valencian language by Rafael Rufino Valor in Viquipèdia (See). In the same way, he has created another website in Viquipèdia containing information about the painter and including information about the Petroli Revolution (See) and about Santa Maria archiprestal church in Alcoy (See).

    On the website of the 'Centro Instructivo Musical Apolo- Alcoi' (Spain) (See), in the section "Web contributions" Jaume Jordi Ferrando has included  information about a Pepa Botella de Castañer's book "Cançonetes als Abencerrajes".

    On August 18, 2009 Ciudad de Alcoy newspaper published a Josep Lluis Seguí article named "Ramón Castañer: cuando la pintura da vida" (See).